Rates and Deadlines

Ronald Rump #1> has been completed and will be released in June, 2020. Ronald Rump #2 is in production and will be released as a Limited First Edition, with a print run of 1,000. All ads will be full color. Ads should be 300-600 dpi in PSD, PDF, or EPS format. Design services are available at no additional cost.

Inside Front Cover (6" x 9.25"): $150
Inside Back Cover (6" x 9.25" image area): $125
Back Cover (6.625" x 10.125", full bleed): $125
Interior, Full Page (6" x 9.25"): $100
Interior, Half Page (6" x 4.5"): $50

Ad Submission Deadline:
July 30, 2020

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Statistic and Demographics

  • Comic-buyer spending power in 2018 resulted in $1.095 Billion in comic book sales.
  • 17.5 million Americans aged 18-34 read at least one comic book per month.
  • 21.3 million Americans aged 35-54 read at least one comic book per month.
  • 37% of comics and graphic novels are purchased by women, and 63% are purchased by men.
  • 43% of comics and graphic novels are bought by adults over the age of 30.
  • The average age of comic buyers is estimated to be 35.


More Information

For more information about Ronald Rump Comics, please contact us via email at editor@ronaldrumpcomics.com

Print Edition

Ronald Rump #1 is an all-ages comic book and will be released as a limited edition in May, 2020. Printed on newsprint like vintage comic books, Ronald Rump #1 will be marketed and distributed directly to consumers.